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Director's Music Notes

Beside Still Waters


This wonderful classic handbell title by Howard Starks has two editions: the original and expanded. If you already have the original in your library, you DON’T need to purchase the extended edition unless you’d like to add the 4th and 5th octaves OR if you’d like to add in hand chimes for color effects. If you are utilizing the original, non-expanded edition, here are several things to be aware of…


  • The original version is for 3 octaves only. The expanded edition adds notes for the 4th and 5th octaves. 

  • The expanded version adds a measure at the end. In this measure, all notes from ms 83 LV into 84 PLUS the F6, A6, C7, and F7 are suspended and malted on count one of ms. 84. This added measure contains a fermata as well.

  • Beginning at ms. 18 and going through ms. 25, the expanded edition adds a counter melody ABOVE the original material. This countermelody is played on chimes

  • Beginning at ms. 37 and going through ms. 56, the expanded edition substitutes hand chimes for the lower treble notes and adds additional treble notes on bells above this. 

  • The Extended edition is also laid out with more space on the page, so throughout the festival, I will refer to measure numbers rather than page numbers for clarity. 

  • There are some other smaller differences, but these are the big ones. I look forward to working with you on this wonderful title from our handbell literature 

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